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Looking to migrate from Avaya? See how switching to CXone can help.

Steer the conversation to positive outcomes.
Satisfaction in the moment

Deliver contextually relevant guidance to agents on processes, compliance, and behaviors to achieve goals.

Instant visibility into agent performance

Easily see which agents need coaching and when to intervene from any location.

A trusted advisor on every call

Empower contact center agents to be their best on every call with immediate guidance on next best actions and soft-skill behaviors.

Dial performance up a notch.

With real-time guidance, agents have the power to create their own success. See how.

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Real-Time monitoring for customer service excellence.

Real-Time Interaction Guidance empowers supervisors and agents to deliver a consistent service experience on every conversation . Supervisors have instant visibility into which agents are performing well and who requires coaching.

Agents receive in the moment coaching with embedded desktop tips based on phrases spoken or omitted, customer satisfaction metrics and AI-driven soft-skill behaviors. The easily configurable, out-of-the-box solution gives every organization the flexibility to focus on what matters most.

Introducing the AI “whisper”.
It’s like having a whisper-coaching angel on your shoulder. Drive CX excellence consistently by evolving how you coach contact center agents—in real-time, on every call.
"Sentiment and Agent Behavior metrics have made calibration sessions completely unnecessary. Now, we are focused exclusively on developing our coaches and coaching our agents, rather than arguing about the data.”
Customer Experience Manager
Deliver immediate impact.
Boost CX, one contact at a time
Keep customers engaged and happy by guiding agents on key elements of the conversation to improve the experience.
Empower agents to be their best

Remind agents to build rapport and encourage active listening based on AI models that understand customer cues across all industries.

Objective guidance, just in time
Immediate feedback with integrated, easy-to-understand prompts and specific recommendations to steer the conversation while it’s happening.
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