The right solution for every channel.
Help more customers, faster
Quickly connect more customers with the right resource and resolve more interactions, faster.
Personalize every interaction
Uses skills, customer data, sentiment and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match each customer with an agent that really “gets” them.
Empowered agents = happy customers
Let agents focus on the customers, not on the technology with one interface for all channels, data and tools they need.
Automate the mundane
Help your agents by taking routine interactions off their plate – use AI bots and a seamlessly integrated IVR instead.
Easy as 1-2-3
Make changes to digital, voice and AI routing flows in minutes, not weeks, when your business needs them.
Routing made easy.
See for yourself how a visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface makes creating and adjusting routing flows as simple as one, two, three.
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Smarter routing makes happier customers.

With CXone Automatic Contact Distributor, you can intelligently route contacts in any channel to the best available resource to handle them. Empower your agents to work on multiple interactions concurrently, which makes them more productive. Provide them with customer data and interaction history regardless of channel. Increase customer satisfaction by adding channels to personalized interactions. Use AI-powered bots and self-service to automate routine tasks. It’s a smarter way to keep your call center humming – and your customers happy.
What can an ACD do for you?
Whether it’s, a call, email, chat, or message, automatically matching every customer with the best agent available to help makes everything better. Discover how.
“With CXone skills-based routing, we increased our first-call resolution (FCR) from 74.4% to 80.83% in just one year!”
Lauren Crooks
Client Experience Manger NextGear Capital
Make every interaction count.
Help more customers, faster

Quickly connect more customers with the right resource and resolve more interactions faster regardless of channel.
Give agents more context

Differentiated routing uses customer data and sentiment for a better customer experience. Agents can use customer data to personalize each contact.
Connect every customer to the right agent
Match customers to agents using customer data, sentiment, analytics, or AI-powered profiles for consolidated routing across all channels.
No developers needed

Use an intuitive, visual tool with predefined components and collaborate on routing flows, enabling even non-programmers to contribute.
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More than the right solution. The right fit

How CXone makes customers happy by connecting the right customer with the right agent every time.